Starfield OST – Listen All Music and Songs

In the realm of video games, a well-crafted soundtrack can be the key to immersing players in the game’s universe, and Starfield does it right. This game takes gamers on an unforgettable journey through space and beyond.

Listen to Starfield OST: All songs and background music at one place. Full 79 tracks from premium version of the game.

  1. “Into the Starfield (Main Theme)” – A majestic and sweeping composition that serves as the game’s main theme. It instills a sense of awe and wonder as players begin their journey into the uncharted cosmos.
  2. “Planetrise” – This track captures the breathtaking moment when a new planet comes into view. It combines a sense of anticipation and discovery, making planetary exploration a thrilling experience.
  3. “Go Steady, Go Safe” – As players navigate their spacecraft, this track provides a sense of guidance and reassurance. It encapsulates the feeling of safety and stability while traveling through the vastness of space.
  4. “Fleet Scum” – Space isn’t always a peaceful place, and “Fleet Scum” brings a sense of tension and danger to the game. This track underscores the challenges and conflicts players will encounter as they navigate the cosmos.
  5. “First Flight” – “First Flight” celebrates the exhilaration and freedom of taking off into space for the first time. It’s a rousing and uplifting composition that symbolizes the beginning of the player’s epic journey.
  6. “The Sol System” – This track focuses on our own solar system, reminding players of the familiarity and nostalgia associated with Earth’s neighbors. It blends a sense of awe with a hint of nostalgia.
  7. “New Atlantis” – As players explore various cities and settlements in the game, “New Atlantis” provides a dynamic and immersive backdrop. Its lively composition mirrors the vibrant life found in these futuristic urban centers.
  8. “Peaks and Valleys” – Navigating alien landscapes can be both challenging and beautiful. “Peaks and Valleys” captures the essence of exploring the varied terrains of distant planets.
  9. “Starlight Far from Home” – This track conveys the feelings of isolation and longing that can come with deep-space exploration. It reminds players of the sacrifices and solitude often associated with venturing into the unknown.
  10. “Fine Work Under Pressure” – Space exploration is not without its challenges, and “Fine Work Under Pressure” underscores the importance of staying cool and composed in the face of adversity. It’s a track that reflects the player’s resourcefulness.
  11. “Navigator Corps” – Navigators play a crucial role in space travel, and this track embodies their dedication and expertise. It’s a reminder of the teamwork required to explore the cosmos.
  12. “The Safety of the Citizens” – Safety is paramount in space settlements, and this track exudes a sense of security and unity. It highlights the importance of protecting the inhabitants of distant colonies.
  13. “The Mountain Builders” – As players engage in terraforming and construction activities on other planets, “The Mountain Builders” sets the tone for the industrious work required to make distant worlds habitable.
  14. “Triumvirate” – This triumphant and epic track represents moments of victory and achievement in the game. It’s a musical reward for overcoming challenges and accomplishing great feats.
  15. “Ancient Forces” – In the depths of space, mysteries and ancient secrets await discovery. “Ancient Forces” hints at the enigmatic and potentially ominous elements that players may encounter on their journey.
  16. “Exploration I – Home Planets” – This composition encapsulates the essence of exploring and colonizing planets that humans can now call home. It reflects the optimism and ambition of interstellar pioneers.
  17. “Constellations” – “Constellations” offers a moment of reflection, allowing players to contemplate the beauty and wonder of the universe. It’s a serene interlude amidst the game’s action-packed sequences.
  18. “Akila City” – As players explore various cities and settlements in the game, “Akila City” provides a dynamic and immersive backdrop. Its lively composition mirrors the vibrant life found in these futuristic urban centers.
  19. “Freestar” – The sense of freedom and possibility that comes with exploring the galaxy is captured in “Freestar.” It’s a track that encourages players to embrace the open skies and the adventures they hold.
  20. “The Red Land” – As players venture to Mars-like planets with barren landscapes, “The Red Land” evokes the desolation and challenges of such environments.
  21. “You Make Your Cut, You Get Your Cut” – This track exudes a sense of intrigue and entrepreneurship, reflecting the various opportunities for profit and gain in the game.
  22. “Cutthroats” – Space isn’t without its dangers, and “Cutthroats” underscores the presence of ruthless individuals and factions that players may encounter.
  23. “The Eye” – Mysteries abound in the cosmos, and “The Eye” is a track that embodies the intrigue and wonder of uncharted territories. It invites players to delve deeper into the unknown.
  24. “Long Shadows” – As the day turns to night on distant planets, “Long Shadows” captures the changing landscapes and the eerie beauty of twilight.
  25. “A Home Among the Stars” – “A Home Among the Stars” provides a sense of closure and accomplishment. It celebrates the idea that, even in the far reaches of space, one can find a place to call home.
  26. “Field of Vision” – This track symbolizes the importance of vision and exploration in the game. It encourages players to seek out new horizons and discoveries.
  27. “Within the Walls” – Space settlements are microcosms of human society, and “Within the Walls” reflects the sense of community and life within these enclosed environments.
  28. “Deep Time” – As players venture into the cosmos, they may encounter phenomena that challenge their understanding of time and space. “Deep Time” hints at these mind-bending experiences.
  29. “The New Old Frontier” – Space exploration is often referred to as the “new frontier,” and this track pays homage to that idea. It encapsulates the spirit of adventure and discovery that drives players forward.
  30. “The Rock” – This composition captures the rugged and unforgiving nature of planetary surfaces, reminding players of the harsh conditions they may face while exploring.
  31. “The World Machine” – In a universe filled with technology and machinery, “The World Machine” underscores the complexity and interconnectedness of the game’s universe.
  32. “Exploration II – The Hills and the Mountains” – This track encapsulates the spirit of exploring challenging terrain, whether it’s climbing mountains or navigating hilly landscapes on distant planets.
  33. “Protector” – “Protector” emphasizes the importance of defending what is valuable in the vastness of space. It evokes a sense of duty and guardianship.
  34. “The Last Explorers” – As players uncover ancient relics and the stories of those who came before them, “The Last Explorers” pays tribute to the pioneers and adventurers who paved the way.
  35. “Field Agent” – Space agencies play a significant role in the game, and “Field Agent” embodies the spirit of the agents who carry out missions and explore the cosmos on behalf of these organizations.
  36. “In Silent Orbit” – “In Silent Orbit” conveys a sense of solitude and reflection that can come with deep-space missions. It encourages players to contemplate the vastness of the universe.
  37. “Cydonia” – As players explore Mars-like landscapes, “Cydonia” provides a haunting and atmospheric backdrop that captures the mystery and intrigue of these alien terrains.
  38. “Trace” – Mysteries and clues are scattered throughout the game, and “Trace” hints at the importance of following these leads to uncover hidden truths.
  39. “Tectonics” – This track underscores the geological forces at play on distant planets. It’s a reminder that even in space, the Earth sciences remain relevant.
  40. “Dispatched” – Urgent missions and tasks require quick thinking and action, and “Dispatched” sets the tone for these high-stakes moments.
  41. “Sublevels” – As players delve deep underground or into subterranean structures, “Sublevels” provides an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere.
  42. “Hardness Scales” – This track emphasizes the importance of understanding the physical properties of planets and celestial bodies, a crucial aspect of exploration and survival.
  43. “Heliosphere” – “Heliosphere” captures the majesty and power of the sun and other stars. It’s a reminder of the central role that stars play in the game’s universe.
  44. “Death and Crimson” – Not all journeys in space end in success, and “Death and Crimson” reflects the darker and more somber aspects of space exploration.
  45. “Abandoned” – As players encounter derelict spacecraft and abandoned colonies, “Abandoned” conveys a sense of desolation and mystery.
  46. “Chamber” – This track embodies the sense of discovery and intrigue that comes with entering hidden chambers and alien structures.
  47. “Supra et Ultra” – “Supra et Ultra” reflects the idea that space exploration transcends the boundaries of Earth and offers a limitless expanse of possibilities.
  48. “Echo Marker” – As players leave their mark on the cosmos, “Echo Marker” symbolizes the echoes of their presence resonating through the universe.
  49. “Exploration III – Explorers Club” – This composition celebrates the spirit of exploration and camaraderie among fellow explorers in the game.
  50. “Defender” – The importance of defending against threats from both within and outside the universe is emphasized in “Defender.” It’s a call to arms for players to protect what they’ve discovered.
  51. “Weapons to Bear” – Space is not without its conflicts, and “Weapons to Bear” underscores the preparation and determination required to face adversaries.
  52. “The Ghosts of Science” – As players uncover the remnants of scientific research and experiments, “The Ghosts of Science” hints at the mysteries and discoveries they may encounter.
  53. “Ecliptic” – This track captures the elegance and beauty of planetary orbits and celestial dance in the cosmos.
  54. “Decay Heat” – Space is filled with both natural and artificial phenomena, and “Decay Heat” reflects the scientific aspects of these processes.
  55. “Neon” – “Neon” provides an atmospheric and otherworldly ambiance, perfect for moments of reflection and introspection in the game.
  56. “Rook” – As players navigate intricate and challenging environments, “Rook” reflects the need for strategy and clever maneuvering.
  57. “Exploration IV – Vulcanism” – Vulcanism and volcanic activity are featured in the game, and this composition captures the fiery and dynamic nature of such phenomena.
  58. “Core Sample” – “Core Sample” hints at the importance of geological research and the extraction of valuable resources from planetary cores.
  59. “Tenacity of Life” – Life finds a way even in the harshest of environments, and this track reflects the resilience and adaptability of life forms players may encounter.
  60. “Wrecked Tech” – Abandoned and damaged technology is a common sight in space, and “Wrecked Tech” conveys the sense of history and mystery associated with these relics.
  61. “Canopy” – “Canopy” provides a lush and atmospheric backdrop for moments of serenity and natural beauty in the game.
  62. “Spacers” – As players interact with the diverse inhabitants of space, “Spacers” celebrates the diversity and culture of these various communities.
  63. “Understory” – Space isn’t just about the stars; it’s also about the ecosystems and life forms players may encounter. “Understory” captures the beauty of these environments.
  64. “Exploration V – Evergreen” – This composition embodies the idea of exploring lush and fertile landscapes on distant planets. It’s a reminder that the universe holds surprises at every turn.
  65. “Guardian” – “Guardian” emphasizes the importance of defending what is valuable in the vastness of space. It evokes a sense of duty and guardianship.
  66. “Stars and Sacrifice” – Space exploration often comes with sacrifices and challenges, and “Stars and Sacrifice” reflects the commitment and determination required to persevere.
  67. “Under a Distant Sun” – This track captures the serenity and warmth of distant suns and stars, evoking a sense of tranquility and wonder.
  68. “Roughneck High-Tech” – As players engage in complex engineering and high-tech activities, “Roughneck High-Tech” sets the tone for these industrious endeavors.
  69. “Badlanders” – The universe is not without its outlaws and renegades, and “Badlanders” hints at the dangers posed by these rogue elements.
  70. “Exploration VI – Strange Sands” – “Strange Sands” represents the mystery and intrigue of exploring alien deserts and unusual terrains.
  71. “Moonbase” – As players explore moon bases and lunar landscapes, “Moonbase” provides an atmospheric backdrop that captures the unique challenges and beauty of these environments.
  72. “Boarded!” – Space encounters can be unpredictable, and “Boarded!” underscores the excitement and danger of unexpected encounters.
  73. “Snowball” – This track embodies the icy and frozen landscapes players may encounter on distant planets. It sets the mood for exploration in these chilly environments.
  74. “Aurora” – “Aurora” captures the beauty and splendor of celestial phenomena, such as the northern and southern lights, that players may witness in the game.
  75. “Deep Freeze” – As players explore frozen and glacial landscapes, “Deep Freeze” conveys the sense of isolation and cold that comes with such environments.
  76. “Exploration VII – The Ice Lands” – This composition encapsulates the challenges and beauty of exploring icy and polar regions on distant planets.
  77. “Nobody’s Home” – As players explore abandoned structures and settlements, “Nobody’s Home” provides an eerie and unsettling atmosphere.
  78. “Exploration VIII – The Far Reaches” – “The Far Reaches” represents the boundless expanse of space and the limitless possibilities of exploration.
  79. “A Home in the Galaxy” – This final track provides a sense of closure and accomplishment, celebrating the idea that, even in the far reaches of space, one can find a place to call home.

The composer for the Starfield soundtrack is Inon Zur1. He is an Israeli-American composer who has worked on many other games including Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 762. He has also written music for many film trailers, including Knives Out and The Shape of Water2. All the tracks you mentioned are composed by him. Additionally, Bethesda has partnered with Imagine Dragons to produce a new piece celebrating the game titled “Children of the Sky”1. This song is primarily a promotional rather than an extra piece of music coming to the game1.