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Shepherd’s is a store located in the Freestar Collective faction’s settlement of Akila City in the upcoming space-themed action role-playing game, Starfield. While it may seem like a small location in the grand scheme of things, Shepherd’s will likely play an important role in the game’s economy and item procurement system.

Based on the limited information available about Shepherd’s, we can assume that it will be a general store that sells a variety of goods to players. In a game as vast and sprawling as Starfield, having access to a reliable supplier of equipment and resources can be a key factor in success. Players will be able to visit Shepherd’s to purchase weapons, ammo, and other supplies needed to complete missions and explore the galaxy.

It’s worth noting that the type of equipment available at Shepherd’s may vary depending on the location and time in the game. As players progress through the game, they may unlock new weapons, armor, and other equipment that they can purchase from Shepherd’s. Additionally, the store may have limited supplies of certain items, which could make it necessary for players to visit Shepherd’s regularly in order to stay well-stocked.

The exact design of Shepherd’s remains a mystery, but we can expect it to be a modestly-sized store located in Akila City. Depending on the game’s graphics and design, the store may have a rustic, frontier-style appearance that fits in with the overall aesthetic of the game.

While Shepherd’s may seem like a minor location, it will likely be an important resource for players to utilize as they explore the vast reaches of the Starfield universe. With the ability to purchase weapons, ammo, and other supplies, Shepherd’s could become a key part of a player’s strategy for success in the game.