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Rowland Arms

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Rowland Arms is a store located in Akila City in the upcoming action role-playing game Starfield. This store is the go-to place for purchasing weapons and ammunition for players aligned with the Freestar Collective faction.

As players explore the vast galaxy of Starfield, they will come across various locations where they can purchase different items necessary to progress in the game. The Rowland Arms store is one such location that provides players with an arsenal of weapons and ammunition to aid them in their journey.

The store is named after its owner, Rowland, a former member of the Freestar Collective who turned to arms dealing to make a living. Rowland is a grizzled old veteran who has seen his fair share of battles, and his experience in the field is evident in the range of weapons he stocks.

Players can expect to find a range of conventional and exotic weapons at Rowland Arms, including laser rifles, plasma guns, and even energy blades. The store also stocks a range of ammunition types, including standard bullets, energy cells, and high-explosive rounds.

In addition to weapons and ammunition, Rowland Arms also stocks a range of weapon upgrades and modifications. These can be used to improve the accuracy, damage output, or rate of fire of weapons, making them more effective in combat.

The store is located on the outskirts of Akila City, in a secluded corner that is frequented by Freestar Collective members. The store’s exterior is adorned with various weapons and banners, making it a recognizable location for players.

As players progress through the game, they will find that the stock at Rowland Arms is constantly changing, with new weapons and upgrades becoming available as they explore more of the galaxy.

Rowland Arms is a vital location for players aligned with the Freestar Collective faction. Its vast range of weapons and ammunition, as well as weapon upgrades and modifications, make it a go-to location for players looking to improve their arsenal and gain an edge in combat. The store’s unique location and the personality of its owner, Rowland, make it a memorable location in the world of Starfield.