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Neon is a pleasure city located on an aquatic planet in the Vol II star system of the Starfield galaxy. It was originally established as a fishing station by the Xenofresh Corporation, but later transformed into a popular vacation destination when the company discovered that the local fish contained a psychotropic substance that could be sold for a higher price. The city is home to many shops, bars, and clubs, as well as the Ryujin Industries faction.

As a pleasure city, Neon promises to offer players a wealth of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. The city is known for its bright neon signs, futuristic architecture, and bustling nightlife. Players may have the opportunity to visit a range of venues, from high-end restaurants and casinos to more casual bars and clubs. These locations may offer unique gameplay opportunities, such as the chance to gamble, socialize with NPCs, or engage in mini-games and other activities.

Beyond its social offerings, Neon may also offer players a range of adventure-focused gameplay experiences. The city is located on an aquatic planet, which means players may have the opportunity to explore underwater environments, encounter unique aquatic life, and engage in water-based activities like swimming and boating. The presence of the Ryujin Industries faction suggests that there may also be opportunities for players to engage in combat or other forms of faction-related gameplay within the city.

Neon promises to be a rich and diverse location for players to explore in Starfield. With its mix of social, leisure, and adventure-focused elements, the city offers a wide range of gameplay experiences that are sure to appeal to a broad range of players. Whether players are looking to relax, socialize, explore new environments, or engage in combat and other forms of gameplay, Neon is sure to offer something for everyone.